Photo a day #17

OK so posting daily is impossible when you go to a lovely paradise island with minimal internet. Also, I was so laid back and relaxed and generally doing nothing that I only took a handful of photographs. I fully intend to go back at some point so maybe I will take more then. Until then you will have to take my word for how gorgeous Koh Lipe is and meet the new office pet Kitty instead. She wouldn’t pose today, tomorrow I will bring kitten sized snacks to lure her in.



Photo a day #16


I went to bed early so I could get started on writing my midterms so they are ready to hand in at school on Tuesday but I got totally distracted by Twilight – again. As I’m going away for the weekend nothing will be getting done now until Monday. Mai pen rai! YOLO and all that.

Photo a day #15

Today was a good day – no lessons and a trip to get my work permit so that I am almost completely sorted out here. Celebratory ice creams in Swensons, easy purchase of bus and boat tickets for our weekend away and finally I come home to a parcel from home! Inside were lots of lovely things but most exciting for me was the tub of marmite. Happy days! I just ate four slices of marmite on toast and washed it down with a cup of PG tips. Looooooovely 🙂


Photo a day #14



Thai electrics are hit and miss at the best of times; sparking when you plug anything in, dipping and peaking voltage that can either render your hair straighteners ineffective or deadly. This morning I had to wedge the kettle into position with a couple of pegs because the bottom has been progressively melting into a strange bubble. Never in my experience have I encountered a kettle, invented for boiling water i.e. reaching hot temperatures, actually melting away!

In other words; another no-news-day.

Had the day off school today because it is the King’s birthday which doubles as Fathers Day and is a national holiday. There didn’t seem to be much going on for it in the city so I spent the day watching downloaded telly and generally doing nothing, which I actually really enjoyed. The day was punctuated with a trip to Tesco to start to buy things for the arrival of the boys, which is in one week – maybe with special guests we might start doing a bit more and these photos might get a bit more interesting for us all!

So Happy King’s Day, Happy Thai Fathers Day, happy day off!

Photo a day #13

Another lazy recycled post, but it seems a shame to waste the pictures that I got in my first 8 weeks out here.

This is from the Buddha park on Koh Samui; we have just booked our accommodation for New Years Eve and will be returning to this lovely island which I cannot wait for! But in the meantime we are visiting Koh Lipe this weekend – bring on the beach!