Klong-dan homestay

Just a quick upload of some pictures of our last weekend away at Klong-dan homestay.

Klong-dan is an ancient water community on the border of Songkhla and Nakon-Si-Thammaret provinces.  The people living here are continuing to live a traditional Thai lifestyle on the rivers’ edge in lovely little wooden homes on stilts inter-connected with rickety wooden walkways.  Some of these homes have opened as homestays, and for 150 baht per person per night you are welcomed into their home as a guest, with breakfast included.  In the evening, food sellers open their stalls offering all kinds of different Thai street food, and on the weekends there is live Thai music and traditional dancing for an hour or so. 

A group of us spent the weekend here a few weeks ago and it was really lovely.  The man whose homestay we stayed at was so friendly and very keen to use all his English all the time!  He particularly liked Tom, walking him around the house, stuck to his side most of the time!  He also tried to marry off his 40+ year old daughter to another member of the group, and kept thrusting his 4 year old grand daughter at me trying to make her speak English to me.  Very enthusiastic!