Some images from Songkran

Songkran is the traditional Thai new year celebration held from 13th-15th April, and in some places, a few days before and after.  Songkran is famous for its water throwing antics that attract tourists in their thousands onto the streets to take part, although traditionally it is only customary to pour a little water down the back of a person’s neck it has been taken to the extremes with full scale wars erupting across streets involving big water guns and ice cold water.  As a city surrounded by water (the moat encircling the old city), Chiang Mai has become infamous for its Songkran celebrations, and we were not disappointed!

Obviously due to the amount of water everywhere I wasn’t really able to get that many pictures, but here are a few of the main water fight at Tha Phae gate and the procession that went through the city to the temple. 

4 thoughts on “Some images from Songkran

    1. It was crazy! These are literally the only shots I got – I coerced some Thai children to protect me from the water fights and took as many pics as I could in about 30 seconds!!

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