The Olympics… coming to Thailand!!!!!!!

I feel like I haven’t blogged for a while (how many times have a started a post in a similar manner to this???) but whatever.  OK so I missed the weekly news feature I started specifically to give me something to write about at least once a week but to be honest this past week has only seen pretty serious stuff in the news – a roadside bomb went off in my province which is the closest to us that the insurgency violence has reached.  So the news was mostly about that bomb, another shooting (of a mother and 2 year old child – both survived) and some other bombs deeper south.  I like to choose a story with at least a humorous twist so maybe it was best that I steered clear from that one.

I’m currently sitting at my desk at school watching the clock until it’s 4pm and home time.  For the past month lessons have been reduced to 40 minutes to allow for time at the end of the day for students to practice for the most important event of the school calendar – SPORTS DAY.  Sports day is an epic 2 day event with an opening ceremony and a parade through the city centre.  Right now I can hear a couple hundred students chanting in unison and banging drums in preparation for the opening ceremony.  They sound like an army out there!

Having reduced lesson time firstly was an annoyance – 40 minutes wasn’t enough when you take into consideration the fact that students are always 5 minutes late, often 10 minutes and sometimes 15 minutes late.  However, now I have honed the skills of teaching all the key information needed in some pretty effective micro-lessons.  Plus, the school are aware that we will get less done with the students while lessons are cut down so its not like they have super high expectations for what we will achieve this month.  It’s still slightly annoying though as midterm exams are next week so the extra time would have been helpful to squeeze in as much as I could – and of course 3 whole days of school have been cancelled to make way for the Olympic-style extravaganza, too.  It sound like it will be really impressive though – I am looking forward to it. 

So, since I got annoyed with not being involved properly in the Wei Kru ceremony I think my Thai assistants have taken note.  After being part of the Malaysian visit with my choir, now I am included in the sports day parade.  Yay!  This involves being at school at 4am to start getting ready.  WHAT!!!  I almost said no but after getting so pissed off about not being involved in whole school activities I have to do this.  Plus I will be getting dressed up in traditional Thai dress which will make for a perfect photo opportunity!

Expect an update very soon about Hatyairatprachasun School’s own Olympics!

Here’s a couple of pics from the weekend… that I have stolen from Bronte and Soda’s facebooks thanks guys, I am too lazy to upload mine yet) it was my friend Sarha’s 30th birthday and among many things we went to a lovely waterfall, had a sunset dinner and a wine fuelled cake fight.  Oh, wine how I have missed thee.

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