Yesterday this blog reached the milestone of 5000 views!

It’s not just my mum that reads this!

I only started writing this to keep people back at home up to date (hi mum…) and so that I had some sort of record for myself.  Over the past nine months I have slowly but surely built up a small but steady following (actually, I passed another milestone of 100 followers last week too) and it’s nice to think that there may be people out there reading this who are also living and working abroad, or are maybe considering it.

The great thing about WordPress is that at a click of a button I can get al sorts of information about who is looking at my blog, where they are in the world and how they got there.

Some of the strangest search engine searches that have brought people to my blog are;

“ladyboy“… many, many times…

“what to pay a ladyboy for a week?” – I’m not sure exactly what this person is planning to do with a ladyboy for an entire week but there’s something almost Pretty Woman about it.  Maybe it was actual Richard Gere.

Most disturbingly I also had, “can I pay a local student for sex [in] hatyai?”.  I have no words.

I have had blog views from the UK, USA and Thailand to Puerto Rico, Russia, Kuwait and Jordan.

In fact, here’s a handy map to illustrate exactly how I am taking over the world (insert evil laugh here).

map views

Here are some completely useless and barely interesting facts that also include the number 5000;

A hummingbird flaps its wings 5000 times in one minute.

There was once a $5000 bill.

The largest game of dodgeball ever had 5000 players.

5000 students participated in the world’s largest Physics lesson in Denver, Colorado.

OK, so the rest are mostly about people dying etc. so I am going to leave it at that rather than put a massive dower on things.

Thank you to everyone that helped me to reach this milestone!

Here’s to the next 5000!



4 thoughts on “5000 views!

  1. Great stuff! Happy to see you’re doing well as an information centre for people hiring ladyboys!!! 😉

    In all seriousness though, I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. Just as a matter of interest, did you notice a steep increase in your number of views after you started writing stuff for Ajarn?


    1. Thanks! Yes I have definitely seen an increase of views since getting involved with Ajarn, I think it would have taken me a lot longer to get to 5000 without that exposure 🙂
      Sorry it’s taken me a while to reply, I somehow only just saw this!

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