Conversations… frustrations.

Conversation between myself and a Teacher I Barely Know (TIBK) this morning;

TIBK: Teacher Kylieeeeee. I waiting for you every day last week. After school finish.

Me (I wish): Where? Why? Who are you?

Me (the reality): Oh, why? I’m sorry (yes, apologising without knowing what I have allegedly done wrong).

TIBK: Over there (pointing to the building that I don’t teach in, have an office in or even walk through AT ALL throughout the week). For the training for the sa-pelling beeeee.

Me (I wish): OK, number 1: Me worky in this building. Me no go to that building. Number 2: Me training student already in this building, every morning and some afternoons, UNPAID. Already.

Me (the reality): Oh, the spelling bee. Well that’s alright then because I’ve been training with my student here instead. I didn’t know you were holding your own training you wanted me to help you with, sorry (again, apologising without being entirely sure if I have done anything wrong).

TIBK: But who you training?

I tell her the name of the student I have been meeting with every day. EVERY DAY for the past 2 weeks.

TIBK: Oh yes, you training her but she is not in the competition. You training other students with me also.


Me (the reality): Oh! Well who am I supposed to be training?

TIBK: HAHAHA! (Evidently something is funny here) – I don’t know the names! But they are in Matthayom 3 OK? They are boys.

I don’t teach Matthayom 3 and the provision of only the gender of my trainees does little to shed light on who they are.

TIBK: (Grabbing my schedule from my desk and holding it one inch from her eye) – Ahh OK I can see you have a lot of free time today…

Me (I wish): Well, not really because actually on Wednesdays we are able to go home early UNLIKE EVERY OTHER DAY WHERE WE HAVE TO STAY REGARDLESS OF WHEN OUR LESSONS FINISH.

Me (the reality): Yes, a lot of free time…

TIBK: OK so I tell to them to come to see you. You waiting here (points at my desk) OK? Between 11.00 and end of day OK? No moving.

Me (I wish): Actually I need to EAT, PEE, HAVE A LIFE. Why don’t you tell me their names and I will track them down when it suits me?

Me (the reality): OK, yes I will wait here. Sorry (WHY AM I SO EFFING APOLOGETIC?).


Considering this conversation happened immediately after being informed that I will be working when everyone else is going to have the day off because I have to judge another effing competition, I can feel myself reaching towards my contract and inspecting it.  Don’t I work for an agency so I can avoid this bullshit?

We all know that is the me that I wish I could be.  In reality I’m just all like, “Let me bend over backwards while I act as a doormat for your precious feet.”  Damn my kind nature.


So let me just let rip here instead.  Apologies.