A day in the life of me. Home time!

14.20-15.00pm:  Writing class with 2/16 (International Porgramme) – looking at making predictions which mostly involved writing about Guiness World Records and watching some attempts on the internet.  There are only 3 students in this class – Thursdays are my most varied with classes from 3 to 50 students!

15.00-15.50pm:  Final class of the day with 1/14 (Computer English Programme) doing the same as what I did this morning with 1/15.  Last semester I spent most of my time repeating the same lesson with different classes and although it cuts down on preparation time, it an get a bit boring.

15.50pm:  The final bell goes!

15.50-16.30pm:  More spelling bee training with another student who it turns out isn’t even in the competition but needs to be trained for I’m not sure what reason.  She’s only 12 years old bless her, so I don’t mind helping out, even if she can’t spell that well.

16.30pm:  The school day has finished, and we make our way back home.  Sometimes I have private lessons after school and can carry on until 19.30pm but today I am done already and am free as a bird to do what I please (which will probably be sweet nothing).

Home time!  Bye!


A day in the life of me. Mid day munchies.

10.00-10.50am: Class 1/14 (Science Maths Ability special programme) lesson on describing personality. Explaining the difference between “What is he like?” and “What does he like?” takes up a lot of my time. The kids get fidgety about 10 mnutes before the bell and I let them run off.

10.50-11.40am: Technically lunch break but not for me. I have another lesson next period which again is not completely prepared. Usually I get stuff done on the weekends but recently I’ve been doing fun things rather than school things but its worth being less prepared for. Created a super game that WILL be amazing, and witnessed three young girls get the cane at the desk next to me.

11.40-12.30pm: Class 1/13 (Mini English Programme) SUPER AMAZING REVIEW GAME involving paper airplanes, points and forfeits. The whole lesson ended with paper airplanes flying everywhere and a close call with Team Chocolate taking the winning position with 110 points.

12.30-14.20pm: Double free period! Finally got to eat and opted for Som Tam salad (my new go-to diet food) washed down with a chai yen (iced tea with CONDENSED milk that surely cancels out my attempt at being mildly healthy). I have 2 back to back lessons after this but I am already prepared for them so I just chill, looking at a pile of books that I should probably mark but won’t.



A day in the life of me. The morning.

I have decided to throw together a bit of a day in the life of me.

My morning so far…

5.00 am Woken up by barking dogs which then sets off our puppy yapping at nothing until I stick my head out the window and give him a glare. Try to go back to sleep but the cat has figured out that I am up and sits on my head, biting my fingers.

6.00 am First alarm goes off. Silenced and snoozed in nano seconds.

6.00-6.30am Ignore, silence and snooze various alarms.

6.30 am Get out of bed and realise that I have nothing ready to wear because the rain has stopped me getting any washing done for a few days. Mildly panic then walk off in the direction of the toilet, tripping over the cat.

6.45 am Scrape together an extremely creased shirt and a skirt that breaks the school rules as technically it is denim. Attempt to iron shirt but it has developed an anti-iron property that makes it impossible to get all the creases out.

7.00 am Shake Tom until he wakes up.

7.00-7.20am Apply face. No shower – it’s too cold. Wish we had hot water sometimes. No breakfast.

7.20am Leave home.

7.35am Arrive at school after a lazy commute past rubber plantations and herds of buffalo.

7.45am Meet my spelling bee trainees. The one on the right appears to be a mute. This could be difficult.

7.45-8.10am Train the two boys on silent letters, utilizing my amazing skills in mime. I get the impression that the one on the left is wary of my sanity.

8.20am Bell for first lesson goes. I have nothing planned as we are now approaching the end of the semester and I hadn’t quite foreseen this far into the future. Mildly panic then realise speaking tests need to be done. Lightbulb moment!

8.20-9.10am Class with 1/1, the lowest level of the lowest matthayom in the school. Carry out speaking tests that consist of simple Q & A; Where do you come from? What is your nationality? Most popular misspeak is “I am Thailand”. I try to explain that one person cannot be an entire land mass but even my miming skills are not up to it.

9.10-10.00am Free period. Battle with the crappy intrnet to check my facebook. No notifications and nothing new as I already perused it while trying to get back to sleep with a cat on my head biting my fingers. Throw together a quick powerpoint for my next class (honestly, I am really very organised but the end of the semester has somehow appeared from nowhere!).

I am now heading off to my second class, will update later.