A day in the life of me. Home time!

14.20-15.00pm:  Writing class with 2/16 (International Porgramme) – looking at making predictions which mostly involved writing about Guiness World Records and watching some attempts on the internet.  There are only 3 students in this class – Thursdays are my most varied with classes from 3 to 50 students!

15.00-15.50pm:  Final class of the day with 1/14 (Computer English Programme) doing the same as what I did this morning with 1/15.  Last semester I spent most of my time repeating the same lesson with different classes and although it cuts down on preparation time, it an get a bit boring.

15.50pm:  The final bell goes!

15.50-16.30pm:  More spelling bee training with another student who it turns out isn’t even in the competition but needs to be trained for I’m not sure what reason.  She’s only 12 years old bless her, so I don’t mind helping out, even if she can’t spell that well.

16.30pm:  The school day has finished, and we make our way back home.  Sometimes I have private lessons after school and can carry on until 19.30pm but today I am done already and am free as a bird to do what I please (which will probably be sweet nothing).

Home time!  Bye!



3 thoughts on “A day in the life of me. Home time!

    1. No way! Actually she found out yesterday that she has got a place at an international school in Penang, Malaysia. It will be interesting to see how the other two fare without her there, I think it will be good for them.

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