All quiet on the S Eastern Front

I’ve been having a pretty shitty couple of weeks at school and rather than explode into a massive, NEGATIVE rant (click here for my thoughts on negativity) I have just avoided updating the blog until I have something better, nicer and more POSITIVE to say.

In fact, I’ve been trying to avoid the negativity so much I have found myself sneaking off to a lovely air conditioned coffee shop across the road from school at every opportunity. I can set up office and relax knowing that I’m in my own little bubble.

The Thai way to deal with things is to leave them to settle, appear as if all has been forgiven and forgotten and wait until the right moment to bring it all up again. So for now I shall quietly let the BS continue while I sip my iced cappuccino.

We only have one more week of teaching and then it will be exam week, then marking week, then retest week, and then HOLIDAY TIME! Where I will be jetting back to Cornwall to see my family and friends. So at least I have that to look forward to.

I refuse to go off on one here – it’s not the place and I’m sure you don’t want to read it. In fact this passive aggressive nod towards my annoyance and frustration probably says enough about my current mood. I just keep reminding myself that the semester is almost over, I’ve got a lovely trip home to look forward to and then I am return to school refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to face the music.

And I shall DANCE in the face of my frustration.



8 thoughts on “All quiet on the S Eastern Front

  1. “retest week”. Haha! I find this whole concept in Thai schools to be ridiculous. They can’t accept some of the students’ low scores, so they think things will improve if they test the students again. In reality they need more teaching, not more testing. When I used to work at these schools once I spent weeks retesting students only to conclude that I was 90% accurate, and that the students deserved the low score.

    1. The whole concept of re-testing until a student passes still amazes me. If a student has no chance then I’m asked to just give them the minimum pass mark even if they haven’t attended any classes or passed any tests!

  2. If you (anyone) get stressed out, they will laugh at you, and if it get worse, they just get another teacher. As long as you feel you did your best in the face of adversity.

    I remember preparing for weeks for a conversation test. They had to create a short conversation with a partner, and I would grade them on this. So, on the test day, Two students came in the classroom, sat down and after prompting that this was a test said……
    A: Good morning xxxx
    B: Good morning xxxx
    A: How are you?
    B: I am fine thank you. And you?

    Basically they just copied the speech that always happened when the teacher walked in the class and no more.

    Mai pen lai!!!

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