Look at what Thailand has done to my hair

With the combination of the heat, the sun, the lack of hair cuts and the humidity (especially now it’s rainy season) my hair has been left to become a frizzy mess that I chuck into a bun every morning and keep my fingers crossed that it stays in one piece. Simply attempting to brush it results in a pile of split ends on the floor, and you don’t want to know how much hair ends up in my hands after I wash it.

Best go to see a hairdresser when I visit home… I could go here but I don’t trust just anyone with a pair of scissors near my mane!


5 thoughts on “Look at what Thailand has done to my hair

  1. I had the same problem when I lived in Korea. I was afraid any hairdresser would misunderstand me and give me the short bob cut that was very popular. So I just put up with my long curly locks getting stuck in everything (and having various clips and hairpins get lost in my hair for days) and causing occasional neck pain for a year…Good luck to you! Are there any expat hair salons?

    1. Noooo, no expat hair salons! And yes I am also worried I will get the standard bob hair cut that seems to be the only popular thing around here! Luckily I know some hairdressers back in the UK so I will get myself a freebie when I visit home!

  2. Lots of good hairdressers in Thailand, but I understand what you’re saying! Half the time I just throw mine into a ponytail and leave it at that. I know it’s going to be twice the size it was when I left the house if I leave it down.

    When I first moved here I had my hair cut to about two inches all around. Was so nice with the heat and the cleaning and everything. But after a year I wanted a change and started growing it out. I’ve had to resist the urge many times in the past few years to NOT cut it. It takes SO long to grow out!

    But it was also so much easier to take care of when it was short.

    1. I’ve almost always had really long hair and every time I’ve had a bit cut off I regret it – the chances of it going terribly wrong here are high so I’m not risking it! But sometimes in the heat I wish I had short hair!

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