I can’t hula hoop – an attempt at some sort of fitness/hobby/getting me off my backside

It’s Saturday night, the feeling’s right, to… hula hoop?

So I recently inherited a hula hoop from my next door neighbour who moved out.  It’s one of those ones that comes apart so it’s totally portable.  I can take it to the beach!  I can take it to the park!  I can take it to school and hula my way to a flat stomach in no time! 

My mind clearly doesn’t know my limitations; neither hula, nor hoop, are common words in my vocabulary.  Neither is fitness or workout.  Or flat stomach.

After watching a couple of instructional videos on YouTube (where the super fit girls make it look effortless) I decided to try and have a mini workout – a twenty minute mess about to try and nail the beginner move of the rotate.

I understand the steps.  Watch any How to hula hoop video on YouTube and you will hear them shrieked at you in a nasal Californian accent;

Wind it up…  Push…  Rock back and forward…  Use your feet… Rock… That’s it…  You got it girl…  YEAH!

NO.  Just no.  Twenty minuutes of pathetic thrusting later and I have mastered the shimmy the hoop down the body to the floor move.  And what exactly am I supposed to do with my arms?  They just kind of hang around looking awkward.

I was originally videoing myself so I could have both a timer and I could make sure that my posture was OK.  But after a while I realised that this could be real quality footage just perfect for the blog.  Or I am just such a show off that I even take pleasure in showing off what I can’t do.



4 thoughts on “I can’t hula hoop – an attempt at some sort of fitness/hobby/getting me off my backside

  1. I could never hula hoop as a child. I only learned how as an adult, and it was after I had done some bellydance workout DVDs. If you can practice the bellydance hip shimmy, it’s the same kind of movement to keep the hula hoop going. Thanks for sharing! Your video was a blast to watch. I particularly enjoyed the musical accompaniment. 🙂

    1. Ooooh, maybe belly dancing could be my next workout attempt?! Glad you enjoyed it, and I love the music too – the only way to improve Timon and Pumba is to listen to it in as many languages as possible again and again and again…!

      1. Bellydancing is really fun! Great music and you can get one of those sparkly hip scarves or finger cymbals for the workout. I recommend Veena and Neena, the bellydance twins. They have a whole series of DVDs and they start at beginner (which I never quite progressed past…)

  2. If you feel the hoop is getting to low on your body and that it may fall, add a spin. Turn in the same direction the hoop is spinning and it should slow down the rotation of the hoop and allow you to keep the hoop up 🙂 Hope that helps and keep at it, you will have so much fun!!!

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