Ultimate Blog Challenge

As I won’t working during October and I will also be spending quite a lot of time twiddling my thumbs sitting in my parents house in the UK (visit home + no money = not a lot to do!) I thought it would be a good idea to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge that begins on 1st October.

So what’s the challenge?  It’s simple.  Blog every day of October.  That’s it.

Now, rather than blog about nothing or just writing for the sake of it I have decided to further callenge myself and have set myself the challenge (how many times can I write challenge in one blog post?!) of writing an A-Z of posts about me each weekday, and then my usual updates on the weekends.  So, starting tomorrow with the letter A, each weekday I will make my way through the alphabet, taking a break on the weekends to update you with my usual antics (although this month they will be on home soil…).

I was going to do an A-Z of Thailand, but as I’m not going to actually be in the country I thought why not spend some time writing about little old me instead?  Of course, as I live and work in Thailand expect a lot of Thai themed posts anyway; but you also might get to have a bit of a glimpse into my mind, which of course is going to be exciting you beyond anything, I know.

If you want to join in this callenge head over to the official website and sign up.

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