Trains, planes and automobiles

A short car journey, three trains, one long ass flight, a rickety cross-Bangkok bus, another flight and a backy on a motorbike and I am home.  Home as in Thailand, my home from home. 

I arrived at night and hoped that the over-24 hours of travelling would have left me tired and ready for bed, but the six hour time difference and having the ability to sleep on all methods of transport meant that I was wide awake and would be for many more hours that could only be filled with movies and of course Breaking Bad.

Tom took me to get munchies in 7-eleven and I went for the old faithful; the cheese and sausage croissant sandwich in all it’s molten toasted glory.  Get in my belly.  I got unecessarily excited about the range of crap snacks available in the shop – yay for E numbers and artificial colourings!

And so, I awoke at the awful time of 3pm today feeling like it was the crack of dawn.  Bloody jet lag.  I spent the afternoon lounging around (it is too hot for me to actually go out and do anything – bring on the acclimatisation) and sorting out my wardrobe to make room for the 18 kilos of clothing, accessories and other items that I somehow deemed necessary to release from storage at my parents’ house. 

I feel like we should get out and do something (you’re in Thailand! – my mind reminds me) but then I think there are only three days until the return to school and actually I’d quite like to spend my time adjusting to the time difference, playing with my cat and eating crap from 7-eleven.  OK?!  I’m sure once we’re back in a working routine we will be filling our weekends with super fun times which of course will be documented here for your entertainment.  Just let me rest for now!

Oh, and the A to Z of me will be back soon… can someone remind me why I chose to embark on the ultimate blog challenge when I would be flying halfway around the world and back?


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