Thailand is the best place to be a foreign worker… apparently.


I just stumbled across this article on Coconuts Bangkok (great news website for any expats in Thailand by the way).

According to the site, a recent poll by HSBC ranked Thailand as the number one country for foreign workers and Asia coming out on top for pay too.  The poll took into consideration the ease of setting up a job, making friends and integrating into day to day life.

I wonder who was actually polled as I am currently sitting in a room with seven other farang teachers, none of whom have been asked anything by the HSBC peeps…  I don’t disagree that Thailand is a great place to work, but with visa limitations and a really narrow number of employment options (teacher, teacher or umm… teacher?) surely there are other countries out there with even better prospects?  Also, this poll didn’t seem to take into account what it was like actually working in the country itself – all it takes is a quick google search to see there are plenty of other countries that have better systems for employment of foreigners, better paid jobs and with more bonuses.

I guess being the land of smiles makes up for what it lacks in organisation and generally not knowing what is going on ever!

Don’t get me wrong – I love living and working in Thailand – but number one?  In the world?!  I guess I am a very lucky lady then!

Click the link at the top of this blog to see more details about how other countries ranked.


One thought on “Thailand is the best place to be a foreign worker… apparently.

  1. Haha! I had some similar experiences with living and teaching in Viet Nam. I really loved living there, and I could live pretty well on my teaching salary, but there was certainly a lot of confusion and bureaucracy to deal with. The biggest problems were for foreign teachers who were badly injured or became very ill, because there was absolutely no “safety net”, and communication was a huge issue at those times.

    Thanks for visiting and liking my blog. We travelling ESL teachers need to stick together!

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