Photo of the day: Thai spirit house


Most houses and businesses in Thailand have a buddhist shrine in place, many of which are in the form of a spirit house outside the home.  The spirit house is a place of shelter for the bad spirits that would otherwise be in your home.  Offerings of food and drink (often red fanta I have noticed) are made often to appease the spirits and the ritual of burning incense and candles to attract the spirits’ attention.  Prayers and wishes can be made as part of this ritual.  Buddhists believe that by making rituals, prayers and offerings, spirits can be kept at bay and a better life can be lead both now and in the next life.

There are some really beautiful spirit houses lining the streets and they make an especially lovely sight in the peace of the night.  The example above is one I see every day but last night it had been freshly decorated and so I grabbed a picture with the new camera.

Happy spiritual Sunday everyone!  (No, that’s not going to become a weekly feature, don’t worry!)


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