Thailand Protests in pictures

I’ve just uploaded some pictures from the protests in Hat Yai this afternoon.  I got some video footage too which I will get up soon.  We went out purposefully looking for the protests (much to the horror of my mother!) but all we could find was a student rally.  We followed the convoy of students through the city, horns tooting, whistles blowing and girls most definitely screaming with excitement.  They stopped at the TV station Channel 11, where it appears they were planning on staging a protest similar to the shutdowns and sit ins taking place in Bangkok.  I’m not sure if they really knew what they were protesting about or if it was just a reason to take the day off school!

See my previous posts for the pictures.  More to come tomorrow as the hunt for the protests continues (sorry Mum…).


5 thoughts on “Thailand Protests in pictures

  1. It’s getting really bad now, isn’t it? The photos today are really worrying.
    Meanwhile I see other bloggers in Thailand posting pictures of food and sunsets as if nothing is happening. I know life goes on, but really????

    1. Yes, the situation has definitely taken a turn for the worst since this post. I guess for people travelling or on holiday here it is all still cocktails and sunsets but for those of us living and working here it’s a different story. Schools are closing down, shops are shutting, people are taking to the streets – and I live hundreds of miles from Bangkok. No one knows what will happen or when it will end. I just hope the situation stays stable enough for us foreigners to stay here.

      1. Yes, right now there are an estimated 30,000 people out protesting throughout Thailand and nearly 3000 troops deployed in Bangkok. It will be sad for Thailand if it takes military intervention to resolve the situation and far better for the leaders to work out a peaceful resolution, but it’s not very promising at the moment. Take care and I hope that things improve soon.

  2. Bangkok cable TV now is showing police chiefs welcoming protesters into Metro police HQ, protesters and police at Govt House (where the worst violence was) mingling inside and waiing each other, with earlier reports of army medics helping those affected by tear gas …. perhaps the uniformed chiefs have the most commonsense ? (maybe a military coup would n’t be the worst option, LOL)
    And now it is showing protesters at Govt House clearing the streets of debris ! …Amazing Thailand

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