Does Teaching English Abroad Make You a Neocolonialist?

Really interesting thoughts here… ‘neocolonialism’ may not be a word in my day-to-day vocabulary but the discussions come up time and time again. It’s worth reading the article linked (which inspired this responsive piece) also, and taking ten minutes to watch the TED talks video clip.

Reverse Retrograde

I read an article on my beloved MatadorNetwork last night that got me thinking about TEFL once more. It’s been nine months since I was a teacher, and I’m now back on the side of the student while on my MA course.

The piece is called “How to teach English abroad and not be a neocolonialist.” Loaded title. Let me start by saying that I have considered this at some length, throughout the times I was teaching English abroad and in the US. I  agree that neocolonialism is bad, and that many of the ways English is taught around the world are extremelyproblematic. I’ve even shown my students Patricia Ryan’s fantastic talk about the globalisation of English, and hope that English never becomes the wasteland that TOEFL seems to hope it would be.

I wrote about neocolonialism and my own place in the great English Machine

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