Fiddling with the blog…

Once again I got bored with the appearance of my blog pretty quickly.  I guess if my blog is supposed to be a reflection of myself then that’s quite accurate – I’m forever changing my taste in music, my style, my interests…

I’ve been playing around with making pages and have figured out the whole parent/child page situation (yes, even webpages have family relationships) – if you hover over the ‘Snapshots of Thailand’ tab at the top of this page you will see a drop down menu created by moi.  I am a very proud blog mama.

Anyway, apologies if things haven’t been working on the blog as I’ve been adjusting them.  Feel free to explore and give me any feedback if it’s not working in any way. Hopefully now I have figured out the customisation of this particular blog theme maybe I will stick with this one for a while.  But who knows… it’s like buying a new pair of shoes – there will always be a newer, shinier pair just around the corner!


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