Sunday Papers

Sunday morning, cup of tea, breakfast and a nose at the newspapers.

Here are the top stories from my Sunday morning.

It’s the story in every paper and on every news channel across Thailand right now as Bangkok prepares for the ‘shutdown’ due to start tomorrow.  But why is it happening and how much will be shut during the ‘shutdown’?

Unknown gunmen opened fire on protesters yesterday in two separate attacks.  A sign of things to come as the protests develop?

A Muay Thai fighter ups the game in the worn underpants underground market by making mega-baht selling his underpants having worn them in the ring.  Mmm, sweaty.

I can’t find an image of the man or his underpants (thankfully) so here is an Asian Catwoman-Man that I pulled up from google images instead.  BTW, never google ‘Asian man underwear’ unless you are prepared to see a lot of Asian peen.

Woman blames ‘mysterious cat-loving Chinese man’ for the mystery meth that turned up inside her cat food cans when she flew into Chiang Mai.  My cat would go INSANE on crystal meth.  She’s mad enough on Tiger Balm licked off my skin (my newly discovered Asian catnip equivalent – who’d have thunk it?).

I don’t condone drugs kids, but I do condone all things cat.

I can’t check the weird and wonderful news of Thailand without visiting the homeland either. 

This week’s top news in Cornwall is SUPER STORM HERCULES or whatever they decided to call it.  Over 2 million GBP of damage to Cornwall’s coastline as roads were ripped up and building demolished by crazy spring tides alongside SUPER STORM JESUS.  2 million pounds is a lot of money in Cornwall.  You can still get a cup of tea for 20p in certain establishments.  That’s like, a million pasties (if you don’t know what a pasty is, LEAVE NOW AND GOOGLE).  Or just click that linky on the word google, I did it for you.

THESE PEOPLE ARE SILLY.  Probably holiday makers.  Us Cornish know the last place you would want to be in the face of a SUPER STORM is on the end of the pier.

That was literally it on the Cornish front other than bin fires and a man who stole champagne, vodka and a canoe.  Oh, to be at that party…

So that’s all folks.  Enjoy your Sunday.



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