School assembly madness

I’ve just uploaded a video onto my Facebook page (I’m unable to upload directly to the blog without uploading to youtube first) of what can only be described as synchronised shouting – a few thousand synchronised shouters to be precise. Only in Asia could such a thing be achieved!

Head over to the Facebook page to check it out…


An ode to Yum Gai Sap.


This is Yum Gai Sap, a fiery mix of breaded fried chicken (I never promised this would be healthy) mixed with raw shredded carrot, onion, tomato, cabbage and coriander (there’s your five a day right there, if mini Thai portions counted). This all sits in an effing spicy (that is the official culinary term) chilli/fish/lime sauce finished off with a dusting of toasted rice powder.

I have lived off of this stuff. It is the food of Gods (or, hungry TEFL teachers with little time). And at only 30THB, which is 60p, it is super cheap.

Some weeks I have eaten this four times in a five day period. I try to space it out with other food because it is effing spicy and often results in not only a spicy/oniony breath that doesn’t lend itself well to those close teacher-student moments but also a phenomenon that I and my fellow Yum Gai Sap addicts like to refer to as THE BELLY BURN. Ouchies. I think it’s the lack of rice that does it, there’s nothing there to soak up it’s effing spiciness. You can order it with rice but I STILL CAN’T EAT RICE FOR EVERY MEAL.

My first mission upon moving to Phuket will be to locate my local Yum Gai Sap seller. It may be a difficult find as I only know of two places that sell it, both of which are a stones throw the school that I am about to leave.

Oh, Yum Gai Sap, I will miss you.

The belly burn not so much.

I’m a hoarder.


It’s great being a professional hoarder. I collect useful things and stash them in the depths of my desk. I never find myself lacking in resources or ideas for last minute activities. I have cut out and stick, matching, colouring, DIY board games galore! Anything is within easy reach and can be grabbed in an instant to save me from an emergency school situation.

But now as I approach my last day at this school I must prepare my things and get ready to hand over my desk, my office sanctuary, my stash place…

I’ve found multiple stamps – stars, smiley faces, Doraemon, Disney characters… and shiny stars too (oh how I love to give out a gold star!)

I came across an old guide book to Thailand that I haven’t looked at for at least a year judging by the amount of old exam papers that it was buried under.

I now have over 12 different colour, shape and size post it notes. I even dusted off a few Guess Who game sets that had been donated by a teacher who has already flown the nest.

I too have been donating, carefully selecting certain teachers for certain resources – these things are precious pieces of art to me, many of which were created by my own hand – one cannot simply cast them aside onto the recycling pile.

I could probably give everything away. I’m moving to a school that actually has resources – this will be a shock to the system. They might even let me print in colour!! Lets not get too carried away just yet.

And so I have condensed my hoard of treasures into one box and a carrier bag, to be carried home and moved to Phuket and stashed away in my new desk; because you never know when you might need something!

THAI STY(LE); an alternative look at life in Thailand

This video is a brilliantly tongue-in-cheek ‘alternative’ take on life in Thailand and offers a humorous insight into what life may be like for those of you out there considering making the move. It’s a funny watch for those of us already living out here too, and offers a few in-jokes that only we will get… and for anyone who has spent any time in Thailand I’m sure it will bring back a few memories to make you chuckle.

Check it out for the lols!

Thailand protests claim innocent young lives.

A 12 year old boy, and now a 4 and 6 year old brother and sister are the latest victims of grenade attacks at protest sites in Thailand.  If grown adults want to pelt explosives at each other that’s one thing, but when the victims are innocent children something needs to be done.  On the other hand, who takes their children to protest sites in the first place?  This ‘picnic mentality’ to protesting needs to be quashed; it’s not all a walk in the park any more.

It seems that nothing is being done to deal with the ongoing protests.  I understand that because of the amount of deaths the last intervention resulted in, the state are being reserved in their reaction.  But how many innocent young lives need to be lost before something is done?

Click here to read about the latest infant fatalities.

I find it really upsetting and angering that this can be allowed to go on with seemingly no recourse, but we all know that any response is likely to be violent and will result in more bloodshed.

The land of smiles is certainly not such a happy place right now.  I hope that things can be resolved soon.