Sunday Papers – peace confusion, apologies and aliens.

It’s Sunday morning and every week I like to cast my eyes over the morning’s papers at home and in Thailand. Thailand’s news is still focused on the protests which came to a (once again) violent point yesterday afternoon as tensions raise ahead of the elections taking place today.  With many polling stations unable to open due to the delivery of ballot papers being obstructed and protests outside of the polling stations that have managed to open it is hard to see many people braving the frontline to cast their vote, especially with violent outbursts such as this captured on video yesterday taking place; Scary stuff. On a lighter note, but still not a particularly positive light for Thailand, shopping mecca Central Festival had to release an official apology after the world of the internet brought it to their attention that maybe their advert (below) for Chinese New Year featuring a model pulling a ‘slanty eye’ maybe, just maybe, might be offensive to… the rest of the world who now have a grasp on things such as racial prejudice and the like. How many times must we tell you, Thailand?! It’s not all violent protests and racism in the Land of Smiles – these lovely people had the greatest intentions, staging a candlelit vigil for peace in Thailand… only their candles seemed to be displaying the Mercedes Benz symbol rather than the peace symbol… oops. Heading over to the homeland, things of an extra-terrestrial nature are taking hold of the county of Cornwall with the alleged sighting of a UFO at Mounts Bay – which to my untrained eye is clearly a meteor.  Judge it for yourself:-ufo1web It comes as no surprise to me that Cornwall is the number one area in the UK for UFO spottings – there a quite a lot of strange people with a lot of time on their hands!


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