First day (almost) fail.

My first day at school didn’t get off to the greatest start.

I woke up nice and early, showered and got dressed.  I can now wear trousers to work (my previous school, like many in Thailand, insisted that all women wear skirts because it is basically still the 1950s here at times) but this just meant that I felt a bit weird in my new school outfit.  

I hate being late so as usual, I was ready far too early and arrived at the school before anyone.  But there was something really strange – there was no one there.  Absolute ghost town on campus.  

I am a worrier, and being early to things only gives me more time to worry about things.  After waiting for 20 minutes it was 8am – the time that I was supposed to be meeting someone for my induction – and still no one had appeared.  I decided to have a wonder around and found the school office… which was unoccupied, pitch black and locked.  Great.  It didn’t take much nosing around to see a memo on the staff notice board reminding people that Monday 10th March would be a day off for everyone.  Fantastic!  My new school had completely forgotten about me and hadn’t told me that my first day would actually be on the Tuesday.  Being the worrier that I am, this started conjuring up all sorts of feelings and set my mind off on a worrisome tangent that didn’t instill any confidence in my new employer in me.

By 8.30am it was clear that the only people coming to school were the dozens of Burmese builders who kept passing me and looking at me confused as I  stood basically in a business suit squinting through a locked office door nosing at the staff notice board.  Defeated, I called T to ask him to pick me up.

It was of course sod’s law that as soon as he arrived to collect me, I would get a confused phone call from someone from my school asking where I was.

Turns out that although my original meeting was supposed to be at the office I was waiting at, it should have been moved to the actual campus that I will be working at.  So I was standing outside a locked office at the wrong bloody school!  Luckily it was only a short walk away and I was at the international school campus ready to start my induction, albeit an hour late.

Did I mention that I hate being late?

So by now I was stressed out about being late, still dealing with latent worries about my school forgetting about me, and was hot and sticky after being outside for an hour waiting at the wrong door.  Like I said, not the greatest start to my first day at school!

Luckily, my non-start to my first day wasn’t a precursor for things to come – after that it was all plain sailing and smiles.  I’ve got a lot to get my head around as it is so completely different to the job I’ve been doing for the past 18 months, but so far I am really enjoying going with the flow and figuring it all out.  The teacher I am supposed to be working with has gone on maternity leave and her replacement is also as new as I am so we are both forging our way through it together.  In a way it would have been good to have the actual teacher there but it is also good that we are both brand new as we can make our own routine and do things how we like, even if that means winging it every now and then!