Where did all the free time go?!

The blog updates have unintentionally become weekly for the time being while I figure out a new routine.  I used to be able to write during my free time at work but alas, the free time is no more now that I have what I have quickly started referring to as a proper job.  Not that my time teaching English wasn’t a real job – it most definitely was hard work at times – but now I have actual responsibilities and tasks to complete beyond having a book thrust in my direction and being told to plan something from nothing and to get it done by yesterday.

Ouch, I’m still pretty bitter about my old job.

I used to work a 40 hour week but only 18 of those hours were in fact face to face teaching hours.  The rest of the time was for planning, marking work and grading – which at certain times of the year are pretty mammoth tasks – but other than that, those free hours were spent watching series on my laptop, browsing the internet for funny cat videos and writing the wonderful musings that make their way onto this blog.

Now I am still working a 40 hour week but almost all of those hours are spent in the classroom with the class that I work with.  Granted, I’m not the main class teacher so I’m not spending all of that time stood at the front of the class teaching, but I’ve got a fair amount of stuff to be getting on with as well as supporting the children in class, watching over more troublesome students and helping the teacher to get across whatever the point of any given lesson is, be it the cultural differences between an off the map village in Mexico and Phuket, finding the correct equation to identify the nth term or writing a play script – to name some of the things we looked at only last week.

Sometimes the class will go off for the odd hour to do PE or Chinese, but those odd hours are spent marking the children’s books – English, maths, homework, handwriting, spelling, tests… it all mounts up – and getting all the things done that I can’t do when I’m assisting a lesson – going to the library, photocopying, sorting… and, my favourite – going to the resource cupboard!  I can remember being sent to the resource cupboard when I was at primary school – it was a most coveted job given only to the most trusted of students.  I used to love digging around all the plastic counters and Crayola crayons and the resource cupboard at my new school smells exactly the same!

I’m still getting my head around the entirety of my daily tasks but I’m getting there.  By the third day myself and the class teacher (who is also brand new to the job) had carved out a bit of a routine and the days were going a lot smoother.  I had learnt all of the children’s names (something I have always been rubbish at) and they knew mine, although they are still calling me Mrs. not Miss – it still slightly freaks me out to be an actual Miss rather than Teachaaaa Kylie!

My second week at school ended with a school camp for 3 days, 2 nights – expect an update soon – it was certainly an experience and nothing like the government school camps I have been on before…