Travel Theme: Round

This week’s theme over at Where’s my Backpack is round.  I had the perfect set of pictures to add as my contribution taken at Chedi Thaimongkhon in Hat Yai.  This temple is all about circles and perfectly captures this week’s theme.

IMG_0119 IMG_0135e IMG_0123 IMG_0124e IMG_0132e IMG_0127e IMG_0128ed


11 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Round

  1. wow – amazing photos, must have been an amazing place to have been to! love all the pics, so intriguing, esp the first couple – was hard at first to enter into it visually, for me, until i realised the big round was probably a window. the third picture was fantastic with the shadows of the round hoops… is there a reason there is so much circular motion in this Temple? it is really spectacular. is it hard to get to?

    1. If you ever find youself in Hat Yai, a taxi driver should know where it is – it’s known as the steel temple sometimes. You have to go there for the full effect, it is an amaxing place. No idea about the relevance of the circles but it is a definite theme there!

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