Five for Friday – how living in Thailand has changed me

I moved across the world and it changed me man.

I hear and read this BS all the time.  I have blogged plenty of times before about how much it infuriates me that people attach this ‘life changing’ stigma to world travel.

Aaaaaand now I’m going to be completely hypocritcal and become one of those changed beings.

Not quite completely hypocritical though, I’m not saying that I have experienced life changing changes, just that I have had to make some adjustments in how I lead my day to day life that have actually become more permenant as time has gone on.

These are in no particular order, as none of them are particularly ground breaking.

1)  I can be in the same room as a cockroach without completely freaking out.  I still shout for T to come and rescue me, but that is just me falling into the role of woman of the house, I swear if I lived along I could totally deal with it myself.  And by deal with it I mean put a cup over it and wait for T to come home.

I’m not quite as in love with cockroaches as this lady clearly is…

2)  I now eat tofu.  And my favourite part of noodle soup is the little balls of questionable reformed meat.  I eat fish, as long as it isn’t fishy fish.  I will eat meat off the bone.  I eat bananas.  Basically I am no longer as picky as I used to be at eating.  I still have a loooong way to go!

Photo: Apologies to any vegetarian followers I have... had to share just how much chicken you get when you buy one here, even from Tesco!  Head, feet and all the insides... It is Halal though, which is nice.
I still ain’t eating no chicken head!

3)  I am a cat lover.  Some may say, crazy cat woman.  I’ve gone from actually quite disliking animals in general to rescuing a kitten and now taking in an old leukemia ridden cat too.  Not only do I love my cats (OK, I love Cat a bit more than Brian) but I also now have to (like, have to, it is an actual urge) approach every cat that I see on the street, which in Thailand means making stops every few yards.  I want more cats, but the prospect of flying them all back to the UK when I decide to leave is the only thing that stops me.

Photo: Sleepy Brian (AKA the leukemia cat).
Sleepy Brian. I realise he doesn’t get shown off very much but he’s crusty, you know…

4)  I have shunned the make up, the hair straighteners and the high heels.  In this climate make up slides off your face, so minimal is the only way forward.  I even have had to forego the bat wing eyeliner (although the search for a sweat-proof liquid eyeliner continues).  Straightened hair stays straight for approximately 7 minutes before the humidity and your scalp/forehead/neck sweat permeates the hair.  Add to that jumping on a motorbike to go anywhere and your hair will never look good again, unless you get ready in air conditioning and stay in that air conditioned environment all night long.  And high heels?  Have you seen the pavements in Thailand?  No way.

I do miss my sequins and glitter though.

5)  Finally, and yes I saved the best til last, my toilet situation has been transformed.  I have embraced the bum hose!  Who needs toilet paper any more when you can have a complete wash?!  When I visited the UK last year I actually missed the fresh feeling of the bum gun…  I even have learned how to successfully use a squat toilet, complete with bucket flush/bum cleaner.  And by successfully I mean not pissing on my feet/shorts/underwear/the floor/the wall…

And here are some useful toilet tips from

Have you moved away to work?  How has expat life changed you?


9 thoughts on “Five for Friday – how living in Thailand has changed me

  1. Great list! I have decided that I want a bum gun installed in our house if we ever move outside of Asia. I have grown to love them as well.
    Also, I have grown to love the strange parts of the animal (feet, intestine, stomach, etc) that I never thought that I would.

      1. Ewww. The toilet bowl! And if you have one of those bathrooms, clean the whole room while you are at it – with the handy bum gun! 😛

  2. I feel dizzy looking at those toilet instructions 🙂
    And paper cups over cockroaches do not work – the paper cup starts moving across your floor adding to the freak-out factor!

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