Coffee for one, please


Sometimes a solo visit to Starbucks is the best way to sort your head on a Sunday morning.

A combination of writer’s block and not knowing what I will be doing six months from now has resulted in a head that needs clearing.  If it was sunny I’d be on the beach (come on rainy season, time to go home) but the clouds led me to the familiar comforts of of the green mermaid and her caffeine charged offerings. 

Sometimes all it takes is a few home comforts.

On another note, my sources (AKA my facebook news feed) inform me that THE COCA COLA ADVERT HAS BEEN PLAYED ON TV and therefore the official countdown to Christmas has begun.  Ordinarily this would start of my own bah humbug countdown to having to work straight through the festive season and not really having much of a Christmas here in Thailand BUT my friends, this year is different.  Now I’ve abandoned the dark side (… the Thai education system) and have embraced something all the more familiar (… the British international curriculum) – I GET ACTUAL CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS!! 

So I will be jet setting it back around the globe for an extra special Cornish Christmas that quite simply I cannot wait for and I think will do me the world of good, especialy with settling my mind on the whole where I should be living and working and what I want to actually do with my life debate that currently spins around and around and around my head.  Or maybe that debate is just part and parcel of being an actual grown up now.

And, just like that, as if she knew that I was hankering for a festive taste from home, the Starbucks barista has just handed me a free taster of their Christmas flavoured latte.


By the way, this post was not sponsored by Starbucks in any way!

OK, the caffeine has been administered, the cinnamon swirl has been enugulfed and this post has just about come to a close.  More updates coming soon, once this head is cleared out (amd the unavoidable Starbucks heart palpatations die down).

Over and out.  >^..^< <


14 thoughts on “Coffee for one, please

  1. I too, am heading home for Christmas (other side of Tamar for me though) and I am so bloody excited.

    I’m glad it’s not just me that thinks the Coca Cola advert is official start of Christmas 🙂

    1. Haha, of course Christmas is official once you’ve heard the ‘holidays are coming’ tune and seen that lit up truck! Enjoy your Christmas trip (even if it is on the wrong side of the Tamar…!) – let the count down begin!

  2. I’m so excited to go see what cafes, local spots and international chains alike, have to offer in the seasonal caffeinated beverage department. I doubt anything will top a good peppermint mocha, though! Good luck sorting out your next chapter in life- I can empathize, believe me! Maybe we just need to remember that life is a journey that never really follows a linear route! 🙂

    1. Oops, I didn’t mean to press send quite so soon… Yes, life certainly isn’t linear – it feels more like a loop the loop at times! Thanks for your comment, and for inspiring me to try out the peppermint mocha once it’s on offer 🙂

    1. Sometimes it is the simple things that help to put things in perspective; a familiar coffee menu and flavour, an uninterrupted hour or so at a table with noone to please but yourself is needed sometimes. Still no clearer on the grand things in life but it was a nice way to spend my Sunday morning!

    1. I can’t wait – I have spent the past 2 Christmases in Thailand and I missed the traditions of a family Christmas so much! It’s been over a year since I’ve visited home so I’m definitelt due a visit – I’m such a home bird I do wonder why I chose the expat life sometimes… usually the sunshine reminds me of all the good reasons why so come on rainy season, go away! Wow thst storm last night was crazy – hopefully it was the final performance of the season!

  3. I bet after your coffee at Starbucks you either went to the Post Laser or the Hive? Just guessing because I did English teaching in Hatyai until a couple of years ago so that’s where I would have gone. And probably the Swan for some food.

    1. Haha! Well I guess I need to update my author bio as I now live in Phuket… but when I was in HY I was a Post Laser girl myself, and of course Sugarbeat! They don’t do bars like that here, it’s not the same!

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