Quiz: What Kind of Expat Are You?

I just took a quiz over at Wall Streef Journal’s expat blogsite; What kind of expat are you?  (Link at bottom of post.)

Actually, for once my result was pretty accurate!

You are… Nearly Native

Maybe you came for a job, maybe you just came for a holiday, but something about it struck a chord and you realized: ‘Here is where I’m meant to be.’ Love is probably involved: Either you met and married someone in your new destination, or you fell for the environment that has come to define your new identity. Either way, you don’t ever plan on going back home. This is home now. This is where you belong, retirement, healthcare and steady job be damned.

Although anyone who has read this blog for a while knows that I won’t be in Thailand forEVER-ever as half the time I can’t stop moaning about expat life… it’s hard being a home bird that wants to spread its wings!

Take the quiz here, to see what kind of expat you are.


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