The whirlwind that is my life in Thailand


Wow, what a hectic few weeks/months it has been.  As I always say, when I’m busy doing real life things, I don’t get the time to update the blog about those things I have been doing… and now I find myself on half term break (never have I been so in need for a week off) so I can finally sit down and take stock on all the stuff I’ve had going on, which includes…

…a new year…   …new year’s resolutions…   …a new job…   …a new house…   …countless new work projects…  

...trying my hand at some new hobbies…   …work permit stress…   …applying for my MEd…

It’s all go, go, go and new, new, new and while I do agree that the early months of the year lend themselves quite well to new beginnings and fresh starts, I hadn’t quite gotten over my whistle stop trip back to the UK.  And so today, Monday 16th February 2015 is the first time that I have stopped going at full speed since the year started.  And people say they move to Thailand to relax?  Ha!

But right now I am sitting at my new dining table looking out of the window at my new garden with a cup of green tea (one resolution that so far has stuck) and nowhere to be anytime soon.

Time to get my blog on – updates on their way!


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