Only in Thailand: Super Placenta

When you have lived in a place for a while you stop noticing the strange things that once used to leave you wide mouthed and confused.

I have vowed to try and reignite my interest in all things weird and wonderful, and of course will be sharing my discoveries with you.

And so, for my first random item I give you SuperPlacenta, available at a 7-eleven near you (if you happen to live in Thailand)!  This beauty serum is apparently made from the afterbirth of a sheep.  The lambs certainly add an element of cuteness.  I have no idea what miracles this elixir promises to perform, but I wasn’t convinced enough to purchase it.  Because, placenta.

One thought on “Only in Thailand: Super Placenta

  1. Haha – I’ve seen this in Korea as well. Probably China too, but I can’t read the characters. I did once have a student in China tell me that, after she’d delivered her baby at her mom-in-law’s house, said MIL then used the placenta to cook up some dumplings for the new mom. Haha.

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