Travel theme: Statues

I haven’t participated in one of these in a while but when I saw what the theme was this week over at WheresMyBackpack I couldn’t resist; statues.

Having spent the past 18 months or so in Thailand, I have taken a huge amount of photographs of statues at the many temples that I have visited.  It’s almost obligatory when you visit a temple to take a picture of the statue even if that means that you end up with hundreds of very similar images of buddhas stacked up in your hard drive!

Here are some of my favourite statue images from the depths of my temple files.

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It’s moving day!

Today is moving day!

As you are reading this T and I will probably be sat on a bus somewhere between Hat Yai and Phuket. While I’m house hunting and moving I’m not going to have much internet access so the blog may go a little quiet for a week or so.  Just in case you’re wondering where I go…

I start the new job on 10th March so I am sure I will have LOADS to update you with. Stay tuned!