School holidays, green fingers and not a lot more…

I am alive!

I’m on school holidays (six weeks – thank you British international schooling in Thailand!) and so I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been spending a lot less time on the laptop and a lot more time out in the sunshine, when it’s not raining…

In a bid to save money (I’m only being partially paid for this mega break as I’m a newbie) I’ve been doing lots of cheap yet time consuming things like… my new roof top garden!

With the purchase of Harold came a lot of opportunities to drive him to places and fill him with stuff that would usually require acrobatic motorbike skills that even T and I haven’t mastered over the past 2 years, including one time where we managed to move house in a single journey (OK so we didn’t have a bed or anything massive but still – a lot of stuff and things were balanced on our little 110 cc bike).

Not quite there with the balancing act yet…

So we have been driving to garden centres and buying plants to pretty up the roof terrace and also provide a bit of privacy as we finally have next door neighbours who also have a roof terrace right next to ours and if I’m to continue lounging about in a bikini then I need some sort of privacy protection (more so to protect them from my nakedness…!).  We got a lime tree for 150THB – that’s less than 3 quid!  At these prices, what started off as a few plants quickly transpired to become sowing seeds for a variety of flowers and, more excitingly, edibles – actual food stuffs that we can eat!  If we can grow it… and if Brian the resident alley cat doesn’t shit on the coriander again.

This is my second attempt at gardening – my first was very abruptly cut short by a man in a van crashing through a 20 ft wall that backed onto my garden and rendering it an ‘at risk’ area for the whole summer a few years ago.  I’m finding it all quite exciting and I realise that this makes me a) quite lame, b) old before my time and c) a very boring blogger but it really is helping to take up lots of time pottering and prodding and watering and re-potting.  I will admit, T is actually spearheading the gardening front and I am mostly watching and assisting in my own way.  Still, it’s filling the never ending school break quite nicely.

Also, T made his manly stamp on the garden space by going out and buying some wood and a saw and making us a table and a bench from scratch.  Furniture is either stupidly over priced or horrifically cheap and plastic in Thailand so it’s nice to have a bit of solid handmade goodness to rest on.  Again, I mostly watched and made pots of coffee and I also held some screws.  And some wood.

As this is all taking place on our rooftop at the front of the house, the whole neighbourhood are more than aware and are most entertained by this foreign spectacle.  Two residents in particular, Mrs. Nosey and Mr. Topless Friendly Man have been particularly intrigued and I’m all too aware that very soon they will probably be inviting themselves upstairs to have a look – they probably think we are growing some crazy farang foods so they will be most disappointed to find chillies, citrus and Thai herbs and nothing out of the ordinary.  Maybe it would be better to leave it to their imaginations, that would make us much more interesting…!