Our very own slice of jungle in Phuket

Another house hunting success!  Check out our new humble abode…


Not so humble some may say, with three bedrooms and a garden that exceeds 150m in length (it goes waaaay behind the house too), boasting banana, papaya and mango trees.  This picture is from before we moved in so it all looks a bit sparse – more pics to come once we are all settled in.

When we moved from Hat Yai to Phuket one thing that I have always missed is our house – surrounded by the sounds of the jungle, swinging on a hammock… I just didn’t think that it would be possible unless we were willing/able to pay a premium for a beachfront property – not on my pay packet!

But after almost a year living in our little town house, situated close to my school and Phuket Town, it was time to find somewhere with a bit more space, more privacy and more jungle goodness.  And we found it!  Once again this house was not listed on any online letting sites (although you can check out DDproperty for some good options online) or any of the facebook property groups – T just happened to drive past while house hunting and saw a little sign on the gate, rang the number up (being able to talk Thai is a must in these situations) and hey presto, the house was perfect for us and we snapped it up.

It’s a bit of a hike in rent, and it’s actually 3x what we paid back in Hat Yai, but a) things are generally more expensive here on the island of Phuket, and were generally much cheaper in the deep south of HY, b) my salary is more than it ever was back in HY and c) it is so worth it for the quality of living – I have jungle in my back garden!  My very own fruit trees!

We are very much back to the same lifestyle that we had before – chilling in the garden, falling asleep to the sounds of crickets and cicadas (it surely beats any Sounds of the Jungle relaxation CD!) and waking up with the sun (and the rather vocal cockerels that roam around the jungle…) – it is bliss!

So once again we have proven that with a bit of perseverance and some local knowledge you can find the perfect home for yourself – don’t be tied down to the condominiums that so many expats feel are the only option – your perfect house is out there too!

It’s moving day!

Today is moving day!

As you are reading this T and I will probably be sat on a bus somewhere between Hat Yai and Phuket. While I’m house hunting and moving I’m not going to have much internet access so the blog may go a little quiet for a week or so.  Just in case you’re wondering where I go…

I start the new job on 10th March so I am sure I will have LOADS to update you with. Stay tuned!


Moving on up…

For the past two weeks I’ve been bursting to make an announcement that I’ve had to keep a secret – it’s been killing me!

But now that all the boxes have been ticked and the correct people have been informed I can officially announce…


The countdown has begun and in just under 2 weeks I will be packing up my things and relocating to the island of Phuket!

Before you start writing off Phuket as an awful, touristy, Sun, sex and suspicious parents kind of place – I AM NOT MOVING TO PATONG!  There is more to Phuket than just ladyboy bars, ping pong shows and cheesiness (although I’m not saying I won’t be getting involved in that at some point…) and I’m looking forward to blogging about all of my discoveries as I get to know the real Phuket.

I will be working as a teaching assistant at an international school and although I’m not the main teacher it is still a step up in my teaching in Thailand career – I will be working within the British curriculum (a curriculum – so exciting!) at a highly reputable school (which will be remaining unnamed until I’ve cleared where I stand vis a vis blogging about the school), with a 50% pay rise to boot.  I’m really looking forward to getting out of the Thai government educational system and all the frustrations that go along with it.

So that’s why I’ve been on yet another blogging hiatus as I have been unable to think about writing about anything other than my upcoming new job and the new chapter in my life in Thailand that I am about to embark on.  I had to wait until my current school had been informed by my agency (another thing I will be glad to be rid of is the school/agency political crap) which happened literally an hour ago so now I am free to shout it from the rooftops!

I’m so excited and I can’t wait to have new places to explore and share on this blog.  I’m sure I will have plenty of observations about making the move – watch this space!