Computer says NO.

Ah, crap bags.

I am without laptop and therefore without the tools needed to update le blog daily, as required by my second consecutive blog challenge – NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month.  Left with only an iPad ONE (basically obsolete and unable to do anything) I shall have to admit defeat until I am back up and running in the technological sense.  It’s a NaBloPoMo NO NO.

The laptop will be away being fixed for an unknown amount of days (remember, this is Thailand).  Actually I don’t know if it’s being fixed or replaced (remember, this is Thailand), but considering the guys in the shop were happy to sort it out free of charge (remember, this is Thailand) without a sniff of a receipt (remember, this is Thailand), I don’t really mind.  I think our white faces were proof of purchase enough, as they recognised us immediately and no questions were asked (the benefits of being the only foreign customers they have had all year).  Remember, this is Thailand!

It’s a bit annoying as I had put aside the entire weekend to put all my lesson plans for the term together.  I mean, I could use a good old pen and paper but without the comfort blanket of a google search or my favourite resource websites (post to come on that soon actually) I am unable to pull anything concrete together.  It’s like I can’t rein in my ideas without a word document and a template.  Maybe I will do a mind map, I do like a mind map.  I’ve got some paper and I’m sure I’ve got a rainbow of half empty felt tips…  ooooh yes, a Sunday morning mind map, with illustrations of course!

It’s only a bit annoying as instead I can finally try to finish Doctor Sleep, Steven King’s sequel to The Shining.  I’ve been finding it hard to get through it; I was expecting another scary read but instead it’s all sci-fi and strangeness.  It’s been a bit of a chore and I’ve only really stuck at it because I’ve read the first one.

So, that’s my Sunday sorted – reading a book and making a beautiful mind map.  Happy days!