Rain reflections

It rained so hard and fast earlier that the water ran through the local dump and spread a tide of waste across the road. We had to ride through that assault course of filth, feet dragging through it and the soup of muddy (?) water (remember, toilet roll goes in the bin here not down the loo).

The lightning was right above us and I was freaking the hell out (I hate getting my face wet and the added fear of thunderstorms made things a lot worse obvs). Love monsoon season. Although looking at the devastation in the Philippines right now I shouldn’t complain too much. I guess we’ve got the tail end of what is now making landfall in Vietnam. Hopefully it’s lost some steam on its way.

Nature can be so destructive and there’s not much we can do but baton down the hatches, hope for the best and deal with the aftermath. My thoughts are with those dealing with that right now. Our bike ride home today was bad enough.

  • feeling humbled.

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