Travel Shots: Street art in Georgetown, Penang

I recently found myself, like many others in my position, having to make a visit to Penang in Malaysia to apply for a visa to stay in Thailand.

My stay was short but I made sure to head out with my camera to capture some of the infamous street art that appears on the walls of the now UNESCO Heritage Site status city of Georgetown.

A handy map can be downloaded here to help guide you to the different pieces that now sprawl across the main town area of the island.

It was really cool to actually see something interesting on what could have been a pretty boring visa run.  So if you find yourself heading to Penang any time soon, I highly recommend seeking out some of the art that can be found on the streets.

The majority of the work can be found very close to Little India too, so you can get yourself an authentic curry and an amazing samosa while you’re at it – I highly recommend that too!