Inside my classroom: Halloween creative writing

inside my classroom halloween lesson ideas

With Halloween just around the corner why not incorporate some spookiness into your lessons?

Here are some short films that are excellent prompts for a goulish creative writing lesson;

Take a trip with a young boy to the museum to look at the dinosaurs where things aren’t quite right.  What happens next..?

Venture inside a spooky cave, what will you find inside?

Journey through an old graveyard, where ghosts and ghouls lay behind the gravestones…

As the videos have no spoken language in them they can act as inspiration for all abilities and incorporating any vocabulary or writing techniques that you have been teaching.  None of them are overly scary, most of the spookiness is up to your imagination, so they are fine to use with younger children.

Students can be shown a film and create a story board, rewrite what they saw, predict what happens next or make an alternative ending.

More Halloween themed lesson ideas:

Halloween video comprehension

Video LOLs: Americans Try Thai Snacks

Once again my favourite source for time wasting and cat videos has come up trumps with a little video to help you to while away 2 and a half minutes of your time.  It will also give you a little insight into the day to day things that I have to go through as a picky eater living in Thailand.

P.S. Curry puffs and sesame nuts rock – omnomnomnomnom.

Koh Panyee – football against all odds

All of the talk of the World Cup kicking off has reminded me of this short film that I stumbled across a few months ago.

Koh Panyee is a village in the Phang Nga province of Thailand, built on stilts by the Indonesian fisherman who originally established it.  It often serves as a lunch stop for tourists on boat trips in Phang Nga bay, but has so far avoided becoming part of the tourist trail.

This video is about the true story of the Panyee village football team, who built a floating football pitch to practice and go on to take part in local tournaments.  It’s a lovely short story that teaches the importance of perseverance and not letting things stopping you from going for your goals (both in the literal, and football sense).

It’s a nice watch and those of us who are teachers could probably do a whole load of different things with it in the classroom, but I will leave that up to you.



Video LOLs – A Taste of Britain

This video parody from China has been doing the rounds in response to all the food stereotypes we portray in our cooking shows about the great nation – rice, spring rolls and sweet & sour come to mind – and so they decided to have a dig at our most cherished and revered cooking ingredient, the humble potato.

It did make me laugh, especially as it is pretty true.  And now I have a massive potato craving…

Do you have any foods from home that you miss?  Or if you are still on home turf, is there one thing you can’t live without?

THAI STY(LE); an alternative look at life in Thailand

This video is a brilliantly tongue-in-cheek ‘alternative’ take on life in Thailand and offers a humorous insight into what life may be like for those of you out there considering making the move. It’s a funny watch for those of us already living out here too, and offers a few in-jokes that only we will get… and for anyone who has spent any time in Thailand I’m sure it will bring back a few memories to make you chuckle.

Check it out for the lols!