Teaching Links

Here is a collection of all the useful websites that I have come across in my quest for good ESL resources.  I keep this updated as and when I find something new.  If you think I’ve missed out something, leave a comment and let me know!

Busy Teacher – probably my favourite website for worksheets and lesson plans.  There are also top tips for teaching and articles.

ISL Collective  – this site comes in a close second with a huge amount of worksheets and an easy to navigate search format.

Using English – more suitable for adult learners and business English.

Boggles World ESL – a good collection of flashcards among other things.

British Council – click the link to be taken straight to their teaching resources.

BBC Bitesize – not specifically for ESL learners but a huge amount of resources including online activities that can be really useful both in the classroom and in private 1:1 lessons.

Film English – a fantastic collection of complete lesson plans based on short films, covering a range of topics and levels.

Wilderdom – huge collection of groups for large groups; ice breakers, warm ups, team building and leadership challenges.

Sparklebox – the saviour of all Primary teachers

Primary Resources – lesson plans, activities, PPTs and interactive whiteboard games for Primary ages

TES (Times Educational Supplement online) – lesson plans and activities shared by Primary and Secondary teachers


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